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Auténtivo Nativo is an aged rum made from local sugar cane grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of the Herrera region of Panama. It is continuously distilled in a classic 1922 copper and brass still at the Las Cabras Distillery.

The spirit is produced from hand harvested sugar cane grown, fermented locally with one of the most important Rum Masters and distilled in legacy copper column stills nearly one hundred years old before it is aged in White American Oak barrels.

These rums are known for their near-perfect balance, a testament to the fine art of the master blender.



The journey begins in our plant with the harvesting of the sugarcane in the coast of Panama.

Panama is located between the Pacific Ocean and tropical rain forest in the northern part of Panama. Panama is a tropical paradise with average temperatures of 27 to 35 degrees.

Nearly 500 rivers lace Panama's rugged landscape. That’s give the best conditions to plant the sugarcane.


Our intention is to extract the 100% of the juices for the sugarcane in order to be prepare for the fermentation.

NATIVO RUM IS MADE OF MOLASSES. Due to terroir conditions where the sugarcane is harvested in Panama, obtained-molasses have high sugar content. For the production of Auténtico Nativo only Grade A (first boil) molasses are used.

In the fermentation process, the yeast turns the sugar juice into ethyl alcohol and other secret ingredients, which gives our special formula. Fermentation is a slow process, the perfect timing to create a perfect product.



Our rums are distilled in order to obtain their character and personality.

The alcohol is purified and freed of all the compounds that don’t belong to rum. Nativo Rum is distilled in columns with plates of copper and continuous distillation.


Nativo Rum rests in oak barrels.

Nativo Rum rests in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels, which gives the final touch to our product. The barrels go through a baptism in fire to revive the trapped compounds of previous generations of rums.

Barrels of Bourbon are carefully chosen by their contributions to aroma, color and taste of the final mixture. This whole process results in one of the most recognized aged rums in the world.

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