Production Process

The production process of the best rum of Panama, distinguished by the superior quality and incomparable flavor.


Our Distillery

Auténtivo Nativo is an aged rum made from local sugar cane grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of the Herrera region of Panama.
It is continuously distilled in a classic 1922 copper and brass still at the Las Cabras Distillery.
The spirit is produced from hand harvested sugar cane grown, fermented locally with one of the most important Rum Masters and distilled in legacy copper column stills nearly one hundred years old before it is aged in White American Oak barrels.
These rums are known for their near-perfect balance, a testament to the fine art of the master blender



The journey begins in our plant with the harvesting of the sugarcane in the cost of Panama.
Panama is located between the Pacific Ocean and tropical rain forest in the northern part of Panama.
Panama is a tropical paradise with average temperatures of 27 to 35 degrees.
Nearly 500 rivers lace Panama's rugged landscape. That́s give the best conditions to plant the sugarcane.


Extraction &

Our intention is to extract the 100% of the juices for the sugarcane in order to be prepare for the fermentation.
In the fermentation process, the yeast turns the molasses to ethyl alcohol and other secret ingredients, resulting in our special formula.
Fermentation is a slow process - imperative to creating a perfect product and gives congenerics and esters.
The entire fermentation process takes approximately 3 days, but this will depend on the characteristics of the final product to be obtained.



The rum is distilled in order to obtain their character and personality.
The alcohol is purified and freed of all the compounds that dońt belong to rum.
Nativo Rum is distilled in columns with plates of copper and continuous distillation.
All the plates of the concentrator column that produces the distillate are made of copper to guarantee its organoleptic characteristics.



Nativo Rum rests in Bourbon oak barrels. The oak barrels of bourbon gives the final touch to our product.
The barrels go through a baptism in fire to revive the trapped compounds of previous generations of rums.
Barrels of Bourbon are carefully chosen by their contributions to aroma, color and taste of the final mixture.
We use 10% of new barrels in order to have unique profile and flavour.
Normally aged between 55%, 65% and 75%.
Angels share: 1 year loses 12%, on the 2nd and 3rd year 8% and is refilled again with other barrels of the same year.



Nativo Rum is an exclusive, one of a kind blend crafted by the Nativo team and the world renowned Master Blender, Don Pancho Fernandez & Eduardo Perez.
A blend of barrels of various proofs and storage locations.
15 years and 20 years are the youngest rums in the respective blends but there are older rum barrels included in each blend.
The rum aging in barrels is blended from a variety of different proof levels, allowing the wood barrels to provide different flavors to the rum distillate.