of our Aged Rums

Auténtico Nativo is rooted in Panama and the land is responsible for its essence. Our craftsmanship uses the most exclusive Caribbean rums, aged in bourbon barrels for 15 and 20 years to deliver exceptional quality.

54% ALC. VOL.

Autentico Nativo
Overproof 108

This overproof is a rare and delicious work of art.
The combination of aging and maceration unique process, give as result this magnificent “must try” rum in the overproof category.
The rum is a selection of 8 year old rums from copper column-stills, aged in ex-bourbon casks with a maceration of locally sourced chocolate that adds the natural chocolate flavor.
Nativo Overproof is well-balanced. True flavors of dark and malty chocolate fan out elegantly while allowing the rum-ness of the spirit to do its thing. It's a rare exception of a flavored rum one could sip neat, although it would make a fine addition to cocktails calling for chocolate flavors
Nose: Despite the high-proof, the bouquet is nicely balanced with Chocolate, toffee, vanilla, and dark fruits.
Palate: Complex Chocolate, sweet, toffee, molasses, dried black figs, oak char, vanilla, tobacco, and cinnamon.
Finish: Strong and long finish.

40% ALC. VOL.

Autentico Nativo
15 Years

This is great example of perfect balance, an inspiration of our Master Blender.
Is a sure shot recommendation for any occasion, for those seekers of excellence and beauty, a taste of tradition well executed, great to have straight, with a single ice, or high end mixology.
It is produced from molasses by continuous distillation, and matured for 15 years in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, under supervision and hand care of our seasoned Master Blender.
Nose: combines the softness of dry fruits, toffee, caramel, and vanilla, with the strength of oak.
Palate: Round blend of sweet honey, oak, cocoa, spice, orange peal.
Finish: Medium to long finish.

40% ALC. VOL.

Autentico Nativo
20 Years

This is the Magnum Opus of the Autentico Nativo Family, a world wide awarded Rum.
A glorious Rum of Pedigree, to serve only straight. Any other ingredient or even ice is considered a disrespect.
This is a expression of perfection, a truly piece for collectors, conceived for the delight of the most demanding connoisseurs.
Nose: Exceptional complex, lively toasty aromas of dark roasted nuts, caramelized red fruits, and wood.
Palate: Smooth body with a explotion of oak, strong aged taste and approachable bourbon notes, spice, whole nuts, cherries, vanilla an angel´s touch of sweet.
Finish: Smooth and long finish